The shoot behind: Black swim suit

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last week I uploaded two of the following photos on my instagram page.

I’ve noticed that from approximately 100 photos I took, these two were uploaded. This might happen to you aswell, and as an insta girl it happens to me ALL THE TIME. 99.9 % of the beautiful pictures I have on my phone stay there, and therefore, I decided to start a new set of posts called “the shoot behind”.

The concept of “the shoot behind” is to show you the full photoshoot I had done for an insta photo. Each time I will show you the actual photo thats on my instagram profil, and with that Ill upload here (on my blog) the rest of the photos. Sometimes- the most beautiful and creative photos I take are not being shared, so “the shoot behind” you get to see them and get inspired

19437500_10211001496691911_4881709425705917333_n (1) 19598855_10211001503292076_6353666087714980656_n 19510226_10211001501572033_8890868462821536904_n 19553897_10211001501292026_6619789997579777560_n 19510468_10211001502092046_2117047571276999393_n 19510360_10211001507492181_6038687865434942890_n 19437792_10211001506572158_2867146412914189137_n 19642634_10211001507972193_2939286859473666902_n

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