Cotton Candy Cocktails

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Don’t tell my parent but I’m really into cocktails right now. Drinking is so fun and its even more fun with cocktails. I always say that the most interesting thing about going to a new restaurant is looking at the cocktail menu and TRYING A NEW ONE  and get REALLY REALLY tipsy.  Usually I try the craziest-oddest-fuunest cocktail on the menu, although its not very legal.  And that only happens when the lightening at the table is dark enough so the waiter can’t see Im underaged.

So instead of doing something illegal (or part time illegal) I made cotton candy cocktails without alcohol, but you can add some if you feel like it. Or if you live in Germany (they’re allowed at 16!)

Don’t get too drunk kids

Just Watch & learn



You need:

 3/4 cup sprite

 1 1/2 shots of vodka of your choice (optional)

cotton candy (1 bag was enough for both)

What the hell should I do now 

1. Put the sprite in a cup (make sure its cold!)


2. Add the Vodka if you feel like it




3. Lay the cotton candy nicely in a Martini Glass (eat some while you do this)

IMG_1444 IMG_1446

pour the drink over the cotton candy and wait till it fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

IMG_1565 15hjt7 IMG_1616 IMG_1611

Photos by Maya Schneidman

Background photos via Teen Vogue May Issue


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