A list of 5 things to get at Dutyfree

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We all have this struggle. The battle between coming late to your flight and get all the goods at Dutyfree, or starve to death on the airplane because you left your M&M’s at the cashier. I won’t be shocked if one of you, my dear readers, had missed their flight because it took too much time to choose between a Mac lipstick or a bobbie brown one. It wouldn’t be so hard to guess which one of you went up and down that store for hours- because we all do that. Take our time untill the announcer says our name in the hall, leaving all the Dutyfree gifts behind.


to list down 5 things you need to look for at the dutyfree store. I turned down all the unessecary purchases for this list. The only items listed below are items that I would actually get/have. Now,  Instead of wondering around the halls,  you can just search for the things below. Don’t worry- If you’re staying home, this list is still relevant. Send this list with someone you know (it can beone of your friends, folks) that is travelling. This time: you’ll get a bunch of things you actually want!



1. If you’re a lipstick junkie: This mac lipstick in Matte Royal (deep blue).


IMG_2589 Apr 03, 2016 16:02


2. If you are addicted to sweets: either Dark M&M’s or Airplane shaped Haribo will do the thing



3. If you need a new perfume:Britney Spears (Fantasy)



4. For the “Organized traveller”: This Victoria’s Secret case. Put all your toiletries in there and hang in your hotel closet.

IMG_2637 IMG_2639 IMG_2644

5. If you like candles:  get Bath & bodyworks Warm Vanilla sugar candle



Safe flight, and Don’t crash!



All bought at Dutyfree, Israel



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