Bracelets to Get this summer

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Every summer my bracelet wardrobe renews: New pieces, new designers. By the end of the summer, instead of having a bikini tan line I have a weird bracelet tan line on both of my hands. So for this to happen once again,  I have a thing called “the bracelet wishlist”, which is all the bracelets I want to get during the summer. I also need to get a job.

#1 on my Wishlist: Christopher Kane Zip/cable ties 


02-christopher-kane-lfw-spring-20161 0136A1860002_3.v2



#2 on my Wishlist: Balenciaga Pink Leather Bracelet46407901AQ_12_n_f



#3 on my Wishlist: Hermes Bangles 

H211593FP43 H211594FP06 H211693FP52


#4 on my Wishlist: This bracelet ( topshop )TS61B01JBLK_Zoom_F_1


#5  on my Wishlist: Valentino Yello Leather Bracelet



#6  on my Wishlist: Venessa Arizaga Friendship Bracelets


PicMonkey Collage



#7  on my Wishlist: Luv AG Cuff 




#8  on my Wishlist: Tatto Bracelets- you can make them yourself or get them at Aliexpress



#9  on my Wishlist: Tiffany roman Letter Bangledownload




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