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About a month ago, I started a fashion drawing course in shenkar college of design. We were asked to collect a few key photos to guid us as we design our first collection. The first thing I thought about was my inspiration folder on my mac. It contains so many photos I like from Tumblr to Instagram to my very own polaroids. After making the mood board I decided it was so pretty, It was worth sharing on my blog.

IMG_2930 IMG_2934 Untitled 1bdd5dc3-6ddf-42c2-a62f-7648ad669603 a52bda7f-cd58-4083-8d26-9218e04f3083 IMG_2927 IMG_2919 IMG_2914 Untitled2 Untitled4 d1422f5a-bfea-4ac7-80b1-6937450ada1e


Levi’s Denim

Adika Sweater

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