Milan Fashion Week /Day3

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The busy day. Attended 3 shows and one exhibition. Starting with Dolce & Gabbana “Italy Is Love” (which is true)

Untitled1 12039527_10206072303185154_5305555519368427328_n 12047084_10206072302945148_3235500502977921765_n 12042798_10206072325465711_3236562115440537095_n 12079226_10206072303625165_3361478909873333982_n 12046711_10206072322225630_7886707535338889946_n 12036453_10206072322865646_7716220851565542845_n 12038444_10206072306985249_1592980935367838445_n

12047152_10206072306505237_4947336575151500004_nTried not to squeeeeek with Anna




After show Excitement -Untitled2


Next up- MSGM. Feet is hurting again. Changed my shoes In the middle of the street

12037962_10206072310505337_7127128258717181544_n Untitled4Back to back with Anna Dello russo, trying not to squeek again



f12032239_10206072305185204_2098199223091975045_n 12042856_10206072304385184_7214985738710156153_n 10313504_10206072302345133_2068407083698047388_n 12074646_10206072336625990_5167031759626875511_n


Next up: Krizia Exhibition



Back in the hotel for a short time before Missoni fashion show.Untitled56 12036655_10206085587797261_138851524281247498_n 12036677_10206085587917264_680021994265379649_n



Took me 30minutes to find a taxi. Finally did. Back in the hotel’s bar for a good night cocktail


1 Comment

  1. dolev

    October 1, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    I liked this outfit the most!
    You got amazing skills!!!

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