Milan Fashion Week /Day 1

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Day One, and probably the next days of this trip is all blurry. Ive been dreaming of going to fashion week since I remember myself. Whenever a fashion week came up I would have Emailed the entire world to get there, asked everyone I know if they had any show tickets and when I didnt get to go – obviously- I would watch the shows at home like a maniac.

And now Im writing to you at 7 am from my hotel bed, about to go out on another show. All blurry. Unreal. Today will be like that, tomorrow will be like that, and Yesterday was like that. Take a look at day#1:


Untitled1 12063301_10206063913335413_4097674673865552797_n11224012_10206063912135383_6413189279758151725_n

A stop for early-in-the-morning-window-shopping:



Done with that–> continue strait. Breakfast:

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At that point I coffeenated/ extremely energized. It made me buy Dior sunglasses but the details will come on day 2. Meanwhile : about to go to Etro Fashion show.

12036370_10206063914095432_1034645934505635540_n 12036922_10206063914935453_6708296368598664562_n 12039391_10206063913855426_1658281892695479313_n 12049188_10206063911055356_4515353715960919873_nUntitled4 Untitled5 12038282_10206063912375389_7762065895165639176_n 12038018_10206063959816575_963050542007246671_n 12043129_10206063916895502_4640598100818746734_n 11903770_10206063916255486_6037889217390112883_n 11219380_10206063915615470_226810792226139886_n 12049239_10206063915135458_2340506537163973490_n








12039594_10206063914295437_8070418730125897525_n 12032146_10206063914615445_3360648153627145807_n


After a few hours of walking around, I was back in the hotel room. My feet was hurting but that DID NOT bother me from going out to Armany bar (with my mom.. ;) Good night, Milan!

12063443_10206063912935403_4726868896598986582_n 12049670_10206063913095407_8433151216929578927_n



I was wearing:

Nasty gal Top & Skirt

Topshop shoes

lulu guiness bag

H&M fluff



  1. אריאל

    September 26, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    את מהממת אבל תגידי מאיפה קנית את החולצה והחצאיתנ

  2. Nova

    September 28, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    הבלוג פשוט מדהים! יש אפשרות לשליחת מייל כל פעם שאת מעלה פוסט?

  3. Nova

    September 28, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    הבלוג פשוט מדהים! יש אפשרות לשליחת מייל כל פעם שעולה פוסט?

  4. Na'ama

    September 28, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    you are lucky girl! My dream is to be in the fashion week !! But I did not understand how you got a tickets, you find online? or thanks to your blog?..

  5. cheapest fifa 16 coins buy

    October 26, 2015 at 4:08 am

    You did it !

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