Glitter Case Game

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Im always on the look for new iphone cases. Most of the ones I have are glittered, sparkled, whatever makes a bling. I really love when my phone is not only pretty but cool. I would  let all my friends  sign it with a sharpie, dye it, & get as creative as I can. This time I chose a water (+glitter!) Iphone case, added a polaroid film to the back of it and it looks so cool!!! Watch the next vid that I made for you and learn how:

IMG_31802 IMG_3008


Case From: Adika

1 Comment

  1. גאיה

    June 13, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    הסרטון לא נפתח גם פה וגם ביוטיוב עצמו. זה כותב שהוא לא פועל בגלל בארץ שאני נמצאת בה מתאם זכויות יוצרים….

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