10 things to do this summer (with style)

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Summer vacation is coming up and I gathered up some of the best ways to spend it. Where to go, what to do, and do it cool.


1. Topshop X olympus pen, photography, London.

Topshop is hosting a  30 minute course on everything you need to know about photography. Choose your course from “how to shoot a city” to “shooting product” & more.





2. Lush cosmetics Beauty School, US/UK.

Have a private party with LUSH & up to 6 girlfriends. Guests will enjoy:

  • A 2-hour private shopping experience
  • Personalized consultations
  • Learning about ingredients and products
  • A $30 store credit to take home some of your favorites


3. More Lush: Have a message at  Lush spa in New York City and Philadelphia.

Every now & then me and my friends take a break from everything to get a message. It doesnt have to be two hours obviously- 30 min is more than enough. When it comes to lush cosmetics, can’t say no!

lush-spa-new-york-philadelphia-kitchen my-massage-at-lush_600x390-600x390 slide_380212_4501740_free


3. Eat Ice cream at Topping Circus, Barcelona. 

Let me tell you something: I was walking in Barcelona for about 5 hours, my heels were hurting and my body said “hotel” for every step I took, when I bumped into this adorable Ice Cream shop. The theam of this place is Circus: The scealing looks like the top of a circus tent, the Menu is colorful and light bulbs are all around. Choose your ice cream & toppings and enjoy!





4. Get you hair done at The Braid Bar, Selfriges, London. 

Choose any hair style from the “braid menu” + add hair chalks, charms and rings. We have to look our best when In London, dont we?

11257040_470765493092679_1163191108_n kate thebraidbar_yellow


5. Do a Tie Dye Session with your friends, no matter where you are.Click here to see my previous tei dye session.

Here is a quick look :


6. Eat Laduree Macaroons, everywhere in the world (but Israel, since we dont have Laduree)



7. Take Screen painting lessons at “בעלי המלאכה” ( hebrew), Israel. 


8. Summer fashion course at Parsons University, Paris. 

Spend your summer at one of the best universities for Fashion & art In Paris, one of the chicest places in the world.



9. Get your nails done at Wah Nails, London, Topshop Oxford circus.

You know those cray-cray nail you see all over the internet? Well, you can get your nails as beautiful as they seem on Instagram if you go to Wah nails.

tumblr_nm4mzm1XMv1qb13g8o1_500 tumblr_n1vbx81jCv1qb13g8o2_500



10. Go to summer camp.

I used to go to International Summer Camp Montana, which is the best one in my opinion. It made the past three summers the best I ever had. There are summer camps almost everywhere in the world, so you can choose your location.  Here is a link +  video to my summer camp:


You can even see me here: (time: 7:30)




Hope I helped you all and have a great summer!!

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  1. Gal

    May 27, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    Definitely saving up for this camp, sounds amazing!

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