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Every now and then I get to school and a weirdly looking man is standing in my classrom. I dont know the man, but almost 99% of the times I know what he is about to say: ” hello. My name is blah blah and im here to tell you about the risks of internet”. Teachers dont have anything better to do in life then giving us outside elections- they get a free hour, we learn, they earn money, we lose money. The only speakers they find are cyber risks experts, because ive never heard anything else in my 9 years of schooling.  The funny thing about hearing an election about cyber risks:  I remember the risks by heart but still do everything  wrong . First of all I have a freaking blog with more than 5000 pictures of ME in it, LET ALONE INSTAGRAM. So I mean:  Lets just go with it and post  topless.

i really dont IMG_2282 what imm doing IMG_2294LETS EAT WATERMELON

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