Matcha Cookies to Get you Through Exam Season

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Let me tell you a small reminder: we only have 2 month’s of school left. Two month’s. Its nothing! This past year went by so fucking quickly I cant even remember what I’ve done. So Let me give you a small helper for your very last, very very last: EXAM SEASON. (don’t. you. love. it)


Green Tea




lot’s of caffeine

One spoon of Matcha powder = million cups of coffee

More please

I’m awake

I’m ready

Let’s do this!

Matcha is a power that is made from green tea leaves. It has lots of Caffeine, and will keep you awake throughout the day. Matcha has become a trend in food world and im really the #1 fan of matcha. (Next time you stop at starbucks, ask for a green tea Matcha frappuccino).  I make everything with it: hot chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream & lots of other desserts. When you have a big test coming up, matcha is the FUNNEST way to stay alive. On every test season, my friends already know that a big Matcha-white-chocolate cookie is going to wait for them at the table. Yes, the cookies are weirdly green (and sometimes we call them “ugiot samim” (translation from hebrew : “weed/drug cookies” lol.) but they are amazing.





IMG_1793 IMG_1808 IMG_1798 - Copy IMG_1800 IMG_1814 IMG_1831 IMG_1822 IMG_1835 IMG_1832

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