Long Time No See

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First, I think I owe you an explnation for my disappearance in the past week. I haven’t posted anything on the blog, just a few photos on instagram (which I usually put 3-4 photos a day). I can’t tell you how annoyed I am for not doing that! My favorite thing in this world is blogging, and when I dont blog I get headache. As you know, im 15 years old. You could say blogging is the main thing I do, but there is a bunch of other things I enjoy doing. Report cards are coming up, which means most of my day is dedicated for tests. Studies are superr important to me so whenever I have a test, im ripping my ass to get a 95 or above. Other than that, im in Israeli scouts. We’re preparing a showcase by the end of this month. Rehearsals are filling up the rest of my day. In this case I would probably post much more photos on insta (if not on the blog) but my phone magically died and im left with an old nokia phone. Sucks, but what can I do?

Ive wrote on my instagram that my blog had a few technical problems. Which is true. You could still see it, but something with my dashboard (managing system) went wrong so that even if I had a new post, I couldnt publish it. Theres nothing more frustrating than internet going wacko (if thats a word..). Trust me, ive been putting much tears on this one. Hours and hours of craziness trying to figure out why this is all happening to me at once.

If you know me, im a master at managing my time. In the little I had I went out for shooting, edited some pictures and made new posts. This one is actually one of my favorites I did. I went out skating with my girlfriends, throw a Cool tinkerbell tee, pink skates and fur coat!









T.shirts- Eleven paris, bought in Story
Faux fur coat- Zara
Shorts- Brandy
Skates- Moxi Roller skates

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